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Never settle

Optimise Your Business. Goals and Objectives.

It’s 2022… The world has changed as we know it, and so has the technology we use. We learned a new way. We no longer do things the way our parents did, but for some reason we take this approach to technology because we’re scared of change… 

That’s where we come in. At AZTECH, we’re all about instigating change, not just for kicks, but because our research shows us that there’s a better way. So many things are yet to change with tech, and we want to arm you with the skills and bravado to thrive. 


Fall Forward

Business Strategy.

Built To Your Needs.

In an ever-changing age, we need to rely on the great strategy, purposely designed to compliment your business vision. We can help create that perfect alignment by utilising great experience in

  • Cyber Security practices
  • Technology life-cycle 
  • ICT operations (on premise, hybrid & native cloud)

The notion of “falling forward” is key. We can no longer go backwards to light our technological path, but need to fall into our technological future, with confidence and wisdom. 


Our Specialties

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Technology Consulting

Infrastucture Engineering

Change Management

Education Specialists

Website Design & SEO

ICT Staff Mentoring

Cyber Security 


What We Can Do For You

At AZTECH IT Solutions, we strive to create that perfect combination -a bit like negroni! We understand that it take business vision, technology and ability to change to transform any business. We offer many services in house, but want to take your business on a journey and create partnerships with businesses and schools who desire technological change and success. 


We want to get to know you. What drives you, what makes you tick.


We work with you to build a strategic plan that compliments your business


Sometimes, a sidewards move is your greatest ally. We find them and use them. 


We believe that feedback is of utmost importance. It guides us to do better and be better. 

From Our Founder

Make ‘IT’ Your Own.

There are times in life where you can choose to move forward, backwards, or my personal favourite, sidewards. One thing I’ve noticed in the decade long IT career I’ve enjoyed is that we tend to make decisions, commit to them long-term and never enjoy the journey of growth. I believe we all need this notion of asking why. It helps us constantly re-evaluate what we’re doing, but more importantly “why“, in order to grow as an organisation, leaders, technical practitioners and individuals. 



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